collecting sunlight

In my quest to explore and share the work of less-recognized poets on this here blog, I present you with a lovely piece from Turn Your Head by Michael O’Dea, who hails from Ireland and currently teaches in Dublin. You can check out his blog here:Poetry and Miscellaneous Yap

I am so drawn to the first two lines of the second stanza–what an unexpected yet somehow perfectly satisfying image.

“Wish” -MichaelĀ  O’Dea

On days like this trees shine,
leaves spill light,
the garden is a flood,
rooftops are full-flowing weirs.
I am swept along.

You, who collects sunlight
on the spatulas of your fingers
– it clings to you like pollen –
curl a hand upward
to loosen out your hair.

Oh, I wish my eyes were barrels.