A smattering of links

Why We’d Be Better of Without the Walkman

–I love music and appreciate my ipod (well, I did appreciate it before it died this year) on plane trips and whatnot, but I can’t help but mostly agree with the author’s take on the use and proliferation of portable music devices.

A charmingly creative animation of a magical notebook

–Thanks to my friend Selena for sending this along to me. I’m a sucker for these innovative, bookish shorts, which leads me to:

A town made of books

-This was made by HarperCollins a few months ago when they were celebrating the 25th anniversary of their imprint 4th Estate, so it’s a bit advertise-y, but don’t let that distract you from this delightful world of words.


2 thoughts on “A smattering of links

  1. Personally, I can’t imagine being in the wilderness or going camping without my iPod. It’s like bringing your friends – Thelonious, Glenn, Nasty Nas, the whole crew. That said, I can see where he/she is coming from. I do feel as though the communal nature of music – of music as a somewhat rare, precious event in space-time as opposed to an intrusive, abstract wallpaper of sound draped over our silent lives – is being eroded with the coming of iPods.

    However, I think that, by nature, music is both communal and private. Live performances and digital recordings offer two different realizations of the same thing. At a concert the music brings you together with other people. Even at a classical concert, the sheer fact that I’m listening with others (hideous aristocrats though they may be) thrills me. I relish the fact that my appreciation for the peculiarities of this music is actually being shared by everybody present: everybody’s strange and idiosyncratic in the same way. Listening by yourself is more mystical. You realize the opposite: it’s a big universe out there, and you are wonderfully alone in your appreciation.

    Music is like religion. There is popular, organized religion and there is mystical, contemplative religion. Try both.

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