love was suddenly remembering us

A deceptively simple one from Yaedi Ignatow (1956-), about whom there is little information except that her father was the poet David Ignatow, whose work I will post soon.

“We Were Love”

We were love
or love was suddenly remembering us
the way two lines cross
and the nearest necessity
you know nothing about, finds you.
The way two people meeting
can suddenly slice through the fabric of an evening
revealing the fabric of another evening in another world.
The way
we don’t have to know everything;
we just have to want to let everything know us.

I am writing to you all the time

Love this short poem from Franz Wright (1953-) via his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Walking to Martha’s Vineyard. Here’s a fun fact for you: He and his father, the poet James Wright (1927-1980), whom I featured here a few years ago, are the only child/parent pair to have won the Pulitzer Prize in the same category.




I close my eyes and see
a seagull in the desert,
high, against unbearably blue sky.

There is hope in the past.

I am writing to you
all the time, I am writing

with both hands,
day and night.