Walk slowly now.

The Swedish poet Malena Mörling (1965-) writes clear, observational poems that somehow make you, as this poem implores, want to walk more slowly and look more closely at the world.


“On Seventh Avenue South”

Walk more slowly now.
You will never again step past
the boy who has just reached 51,000,094,246.
He can never stop counting.
You will never again be
whoever you were just then
as that moment passed.
Walk more slowly.
The wind leans on each blade of grass
at once in the garden.
At the back of the building the fire
escape is still climbing.
Pigeons the color of the pavement
fly in and out of windows.
Once there were curtains
on a day like this lifting the sunlight.
Walk slowly now.
It doesn’t matter if you miss
the train, it doesn’t matter
if you miss all the trains.


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