Happy National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month poster

“[Poetry] is the human soul, entire, squeezed like a lemon or lime, drop by drop into atomic words.”–Langston Hughes

Dear readers,

The arrival of April calls for much celebration…wildflowers poking out of the saturated soil, the lengthening of the days, shedding of winter coats, and of course, National Poetry Month. This will mark the fifth year that I am harnessing whatever pitiful blogging discipline I possess in order to post a poem each day of the month–that was, after all, the motivation for starting this thing in the first place!

I hope you will join me again for another round of poetic romping and reflection, another taste of the bright atomic words from poets near and far, emerging and long passed.


P.S. Leave comments! And recommend other poems and poets! And do come back again.


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