Happy National Poetry Month

Dear readers,

Although I’m slightly bewildered that April is upon us already, I am very much looking forward to sharing another round of poems with you in honor of National Poetry Month. Whether you are a new visitor or have been kindly following for the last seven (!) years, welcome to another romp through verse from near and far, from recent decades and centuries past.

“Poetry is my daily bread and I want it to be the bread of all people,” wrote the tremendous Iraqi poet and activist Saadi Youssef. Yes. Sharing this nourishing bread is, after all, the reason I began this blog in the first place. During days overflowing with e-mails and workloads and the litany of to-dos that make us perpetually “busy,” I invite you stop for a moment and sink your teeth into a poem. Perhaps you, too, will find yourself wanting more.


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