I am writing with both hands

Farewell to another great poet, Franz Wright (1953-2015). I posted this one several years ago and it still haunts me. If you have an extra moment, here’s another of his affecting works that I put on this blog last year.


I close my eyes and see

a seagull in the desert,
high, against unbearably blue sky.

There is hope in the past.

I am writing to you
all the time, I am writing

with both hands,
day and night.

6 thoughts on “I am writing with both hands

  1. Beautiful poem from the most emotionally charged collection of poems. While Wright was a poet of immense talent, I really enjoy all these shorter pieces that seem to lack the refinement of pretentious writing and the honesty of emotion and epiphany.

    The closing stanza in “The Poem,” is my favorite:

    There is a life which
    if I could have it
    I would have chosen for myself from the beginning

  2. Today is the 15th of July…. you have been quiet for some time now…. I miss your posts.

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