Share poetry tomorrow in celebration of “Poem In Your Pocket” day


To all my lovely readers, friends, and random stumblers-upon,

Have you mostly been sitting behind a screen this month, scrolling through poems in isolation and then moving on with your day? Do your friends not know you actually like poetry? Has one line of verse been haunting, confusing, or delighting you for weeks?

How about you invite others to share in that experience with you for a day? Please join me tomorrow, Thursday April 27, in celebrating one of my favorite not-actual-but-should-be-official holidays, Poem in Your Pocket Day.

The “rules” of celebrating this day are pretty simple. Put a poem in your pocket. You got that part already. Now you can’t just let it fester there all day. Read it to a friend over lunch, startle your coworkers at a meeting, recite one to your partner before bed. Or if you’d rather share quietly, slip some verse into the pocket of a loved one, leave one at a cafe table, or print out dozens of poems, as I did many years ago, and plaster them all over your dorm walls. Just get the beautiful words out there, somehow and somewhere.

And, if you are so inclined, please comment with the poems you decide to share. My pockets are ready to be filled.*

(* This is the same text I’ve used the past few years. Apologies for taking this blogging shortcut, but I figured there was no point reinventing the wheel on this!)


One thought on “Share poetry tomorrow in celebration of “Poem In Your Pocket” day

  1. Thank you for always making April beautiful. Here’s my pocket poem:

    Kenneth Rexroth, “Halley’s Comet”

    When in your middle years
    The great comet comes again
    Remember me, a child,
    Awake in the summer night,
    Standing in my crib and
    Watching that long-haired star
    So many years ago.
    Go out in the dark and see
    Its plume over water
    Dribbling on the liquid night,
    And think that life and glory
    Flickered on the rushing
    Bloodstream for me once, and for
    All who have gone before me,
    Vessels of the billion-year-long
    River that flows now in your veins.

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