Share poetry tomorrow in celebration of “Poem In Your Pocket” day

To all my lovely readers, friends, and random stumblers-upon,

Have you mostly been sitting behind a screen this month, scrolling through poems in isolation and then moving on with your day? Do your friends not know you actually like poetry? Has one line of verse been haunting, confusing, or delighting you for weeks?

How about you invite others to share in that experience with you for a day? Please join me tomorrow, Tuesday April 24, in celebrating one of my favorite not-actual-but-should-be-official holidays, Poem in Your Pocket Day.

The “rules” of celebrating this day are pretty simple. Put a poem in your pocket. You got that part already. Now you can’t just let it fester there all day. Read it to a friend over lunch, startle your coworkers at a meeting, recite one to your partner before bed. Or if you’d rather share quietly, slip some verse into the pocket of a loved one, leave one at a cafe table, or print out dozens of poems, as I’ve down for years, and plaster them all over your residence, your office… you get the point here. You’d be surprised how grateful people will be when they encounter these gifts of words you’ve left behind.

And, if you are so inclined, please comment with the poems you decide to share. My pockets are ready to be filled.*

(* This is the same text I’ve used the past few years. Apologies for taking this blogging shortcut, but I figured there was no point reinventing the wheel on this!)


3 thoughts on “Share poetry tomorrow in celebration of “Poem In Your Pocket” day

  1. Natalie,
    Thank you for your careful and insightful curating. I look forward to your selections! I seem to be synchronistically aligned with your choices. I already did exactly what you’ve requested. At dinner last night, I read aloud Wendell Berry’s wonderful poem before we ate in commemoration of Earth Day. It brought us all into the calm reverie of the earth’s rhythms, amidst sirens and city noise outside (Los Angeles)…I told my friends that I had a postcard from Wendell Berry. I had invited him years ago to be part of an anthology I put together entitled, The Soul of Nature. He declined but the postcard was almost as good… Keep those poems coming!

    1. Thanks, Georgianne! Glad to hear you are sharing poems aloud and that anthology sounds intriguing. This is actually one of my favorite Wendell poems for mealtimes: “prayer after eating”
      I have taken in the light
      that quickened eye and leaf.
      May my brain be bright with praise
      of what I eat, in the brief blaze
      of motion and of thought.
      May I be worthy of my meat.

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