make me unafraid of what is disappearing

Just one from Raymond Antrobus‘s incredible collection The Perseverance and its pages of astonishing poems on family, language, grief, inheritance, sound, silence, his identity as a deaf British Jamaican man, and so much more.

An illustration of an older person's silhouette with an anatomical brain of rainbow colors on top, fading colors.
Art by Kristina Closs


    ‘black with widening amnesia’
    Derek Walcott 

When his sleeping face 
was a scrunched tissue, 
wet with babbling, 

you came, unravelling a joy, 
making him euphoric, dribbling
from his mouth–

you simplified a complicated man, 
swallowed his past
until your breath was
warm as Caribbean

O tender syndrome
steady in his greying eyes,
fading song
in his grand dancehall,

if you must, 
do your gentle magic,
but make me unafraid
of what is