What I had, I spent on flowers.

illustration of a vase of hydrangeas with a bookshelf in the background, an egg and shells and a brass horse on the table in front of the vase.
Art by Kristina Closs

Last Will and Testament 

by Chiyuma Elliott

This twelvemonth, 
the birds sat on the housetops;
the little minutes were four thousand books. 
On the table, such odd trifles
kept your attention. Young lovers met; 
some of what you heard 
was the sea. Come away.
Let the grey paper confer 
with the eggshells
and the brass horse. 
Let summer wash its face
and stand in the pasture 
and gather up its green buttons. 
For pleasure its flowers on the table, 
and you are non plus
What I had, I spent on flowers. 

from Blue in Green


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