Fragile and momentary, we continue.

This meditative poem by Linda Gregg (1942-2019) was just what I needed to read today. I hope it offers you a moment of peace as well.

small flowers from the neighborhood, April 2020

“We Manage Most When We Manage Small”

What things are steadfast? Not the birds.
Not the bride and groom who hurry
in their brevity to reach one another.
The stars do not blow away as we do.
The heavenly things ignite and freeze.
But not as my hair falls before you.
Fragile and momentary, we continue.
Fearing madness in all things huge
and their requiring. Managing as thin light
on water. Managing only greetings
and farewells. We love a little, as the mice
huddle, as the goat leans against my hand.
As the lovers quickening, riding time.
Making safety in the moment. This touching
home goes far. This fishing in the air.

from All of it Singing, Graywolf Press


So I bring no sad stories to warn the heart.

This morning I woke to a reminder from the poet Linda Gregg and the clear sunshine outside my window that amidst all the visible and intangible darkness of our lives, there is light.

“A Dark Thing Inside the Day”

So many want to be lifted by song and dancing,
and this morning it is easy to understand.
I write in the sound of chirping birds hidden
in the almond trees, the almonds still green
and thriving in the foliage. Up the street,
a man is hammering to make a new house as doves
continue their cooing forever. Bees humming
and high above that a brilliant clear sky.
The roses are blooming and I smell the sweetness.
Everything desirable is here already in abundance.
And the sea. The dark thing is hardly visible
in the leaves, under the sheen. We sleep easily.
So I bring no sad stories to warn the heart.
All the flowers are adult this year. The good
world gives and the white doves praise all of it.