take this soup I froze four batches in Tupperware

an illustration of a mother's hand near a suitcase filled with Tupperware, umbrella, sweater, liver, socks. The luggage tag has a heart on it.
Art by Kristina Closs

Matthew You’re Leaving Again So Soon

by Matthew Siegel

please take these pens I have all these pens
for you all with caps on them and pen holders
I have all these pen holders large and plastic

I know they won’t fit in your bag I’ll mail them
take this umbrella this sweater these socks
they’re ankle length like you like them

and soup take this soup I froze four batches
in Tupperware four batches of broth and chicken
and carrots and celery frozen in the freezer

they will keep you healthy my son
my liver take my liver to help clean your blood
I’ll fly to you I’ll come to you tomorrow

you used to cling to my ankle and I would
drag you across the floor please
pack me in your suitcase take me with you